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Credit Check any UK company now with First Report online. With access to the largest database of credit information covering any UK company or business, First Report credit checks give unrivalled coverage.

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This must be the easiest way to run a credit check on any UK business - you enter the company name and search, then choose the report you want and pay by credit card or PayPal online. A credit report appears on screen instantly. 10/10
  • Business Services
    Credit check any UK company, business or consumer online. Click for a Company Credit Check on any UK company - available with any of these flexible options:

    One-Off Credit Check... Search a business or run a company director search free. You simply pay by credit card if you wish to view the report. No commitment no obligation no pre-payments. Alternatively for basic company checks on UK companies try the Check Free service.

    5 or More Checks a Year
    ... Could you require as few as 5 checks over the course of a year? If so it makes sense to reserve some credits for future use - they remain valid for 12 months and you save 50% on the cost of a single enquiry.

    Regular Checks
    ... If you need regular checks please Contact Us about an annual license for access to all reports from just £499 a year.

    Company Check
    ... If you would like to see how your company scores on a credit check, First Report offer a company credit check free. It's not the same score as in a full company credit report, but it shows how the credit score process works.

    Worldwide Credit Reports
    ... As well as UK credit checking you can also obtain an international credit report on any overseas companies worldwide.
  • Consumer Services
    Service for private individuals who want access to their own credit files.

    Check My Credit... Seeing your own credit report is now quicker and easier with the new online Check My Credit service. You can check what lenders can see on your credit file and leave comments on file for mortgage lenders and other searchers to see. If you find any errors you can correct them.

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Your Credit Report Online
Check your credit report online - take a one-off look at your credit file as seen and used by banks and other lenders
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Credit Report Monitoring
Protect your credit status from missed payments and identity theft ? get alerts if your credit report changes

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Corporate & Business
Are you a business needing consumer checks or company credit checks? See our commercial services

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How do people decide if I am granted credit?
Your bank manager or the person you are applying to will probably refer the decision to risk assessors in their organisation. This department may search your credit file with a credit reference agency. They will use this information in conjunction with information on their own records and what you have told them about yourself. They then apply their own scoring methods to decide if you match their lending criteria.

What is my credit score?
A credit score is a method of assessing your relative credit risk. Each company can apply its own methods and can consider different characteristics. The purpose of a credit score is to make sure that the evaluation process is fair to everyone and not prejudiced by subjective assessments. When the company runs a credit check on you the report they receive may include a risk guideline or score, but it will never-the-less be the company that usually arrives at its own decision and the credit agency score may be just one factor in their appraisal.

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